Dr Damian Stoupe

Counselling, Life Coaching

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Counselling and relationship counselling - online

My approach to counselling is essentially one which emphasises the need to learn how to communicate better; to seek to understand rather than to be understood. That is equally applicable to ourselves (through individual counselling) as it is in our relationships with others. My focus in relationship/marriage counselling is to help both parties learn how to communicate with each other once again - to recapture those early days in many relationships where we talk openly and honestly about our hopes, dreams ,and fears. It is an attempt to help coupes reconnect and resolve those issues that have been left festering for a long time.


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Covid-19 Notice

Online counselling - COVID response

In line with advice from the my professional body and my own common sense, for the foreseeable future I will be providing counselling and coaching on-line. However, this does mean that wherever you are in the world, if you want to work with me, we can do so easily through a range of different apps.

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